Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What's in the box?

Here's our box for the coming week, 3/24 through 3/30:

Red Chard
Pea Greens
Baby Lettuce
Sun Dried Peaches
Green Garlic

Wow! A ton of delicious items, and I've got some great ideas. I have never eaten pea greens - my only idea so far is to saute them in olive oil, with a bit of lemon on top. But we shall see how they inspire me!

Pea greens - the flowers are edible!

Dried peaches.

I am not normally a peach fan - I have an issue with the texture of some fruits - but I am learning to appreciate them. I'm sure a couple of these dried peaches will end up in my mouth. What exactly should I do with them? Salad topper? Snack?

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