Friday, July 9, 2010

Blog hiatus.

Hi everyone!  Just a quick note to let everybody know that I have decided to take a blog hiatus.  I want to try and focus my extra time (like there is soooo much of it!) into working on my book.  Ideas have started gelling a bit more recently, so I need to really buckle down and just do it.  Creative writing has always been my greatest passion, but for some reason I have been avoiding the book for a while now.  I need to limit my distractions and increase my commitment to the book.  I've had an extended period of writer's block (or, writer's phobia) and I'm going to attack it head-on!  I got into the groove last night to bang out a couple of pages, and tonight I'm planning to go home and do the same thing.  When I was in college, working on my book (a different, totally unfinished book) was my main distraction from doing real schoolwork.  I justified it because I was in a novel-writing class (it was a student-taught, elective-style class for maybe half a credit - ha!). 

Now I have a new desk in the family room, where I can still be part of the action but have my own little space.  Here's to the journey!  Wish me luck on the novel.  (I've got 43 single-spaced computer pages, so a pretty good headstart ...)

And if you are a fan of Iris Murdoch (British philospher/novelist), that's the style in which I find the most inspiration.  A dramatic, comedic, character-centric approach to telling stories about the interactions of families (those we create and those into which we are born), and the odd notions that reside within the privacy of the human brain.  Her protagonasits are not good, pure people, but they certainly draw you in.  Try "The Sea, The Sea" or "The Good Apprentice."  Especially "The Good Apprentice" - what a blast!

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