Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What's in the box?

Here's the Fourth of July holiday version of the Full Belly Farm CSA box.  Woohoo!

This week's box contains:
Beets ( Picked by the Fully Belly Teen Camp Kids)
Green cabbage
Bi-color corn
Blenheim apricots (from Good Humus Farm)
Summer Squash

Here are some close-ups:

Poor beets ... maybe one day we will honor you by actually consuming you, rather than shoving you into the coldest depths of the fridge.
Green cabbage - hopefully you will stay fresh and ready for some coleslaw action this weekend.  Plus garlic.
Bi-color corn really is bi-color!
 Apricots - I don't know if I've ever even had an apricot.  Brian googled how to store them (brown bag on counter until ripe, then stash them in the fridge) and discovered that you eat them by twisting the fruit open like an oreo and popping out the stone.
These potatoes are long, almost like fingerlings!  They look so good.
Petite squash...
It is going to be a busy and special week.  I get three and a half days off this weekend, assuming that the legislative budget committee (conference committee) doesn't meet over the holiday weekend.  If they do, I will likely need to monitor.  But either way, it will be a great long weekend with lots of adventures!

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