Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Peach cupcakes.

I wanted to share these lovely gems with the world, after I baked them this past Saturday for dessert after our BBQ dinner.  They are moist and sweet, with a tangy hint of fruit and a luscious, unique brown sugar-cream cheese frosting.  I think this might be my new go-to frosting!  It reminded me of a caramel frosting that I made over Christmas, though less intense, but more satisfying in its smooth flavor (and much easier).  And the cake itself was a special treat; I found myself thinking of other flavor combinations to try because the crumb was so moist.  Sometimes home-made cakes suffer from a dry, dense crumb.  Not these!  They are elevated by a good dose of buttermilk (it's what I used, but you can also use sour cream or yogurt). 
 The recipe is called "Peach Cupcakes with Brown Sugar Frosting" and it can be found here, from Smitten Kitchen.
 I didn't change a single thing about the recipe, with the exception of halving everything to make a total of 12 cupcakes (I do not need 24 of these lying around!).  I couldn't have done the math alone - my husband was the Master of Measurement Fractions.  I would stand in the kitchen, holding three different measuring cups, whining "What's half of one and a half??" and "What's half of three-quarters?"  Somehow the butter conversions seemed the toughest...
Math was never my strong point.

Instead of trying to re-create my pathetic math skills, I thought I would just point you to the original recipe.  We used peaches from our box, and they were great!  My only recommendation would be to use pretty good sized chunks of peach.  Mine got a little lost in the cupcakes, but a fruity sweetness did permeate these goodies, making it all worthwhile.
Try these!  You won't be disappointed. 

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