Thursday, June 17, 2010

What's in the box?

When I pulled everything out of the bag this week (my husband usually picks up our box - thank you, baby!), I was stunned.  Everything just looks so fresh and delicious this week!  I wasn't expecting such a bountiful selection based on the list that I received in my email.
Our box this week contained:

Green basil
Spring Crest Peaches
Spring Onions

Now for some glamor shots.

Basil - a fragrant summer staple:
Cabbage - it's a cute petite cabbage, not one of those gargantuan grocery store specimens:
Beautiful peaches - wait until you see what I've got planned for these!
Doesn't that resemble thyme??

A spring onion:
And teeny tiny red potatoes.  One of these is the size of my last pinkie knuckle!
Look at all that delicious stuff!  The list doesn't do the food justice.

I'm really looking forward to our week.  Maybe I will even get up the courage to try the beets.  Eeeek!  My working theory is that I don't like purple vegetables ... but I do like radicchio, so maybe that theory doesn't hold.  And eggplant.  Hmmm...

Have a great week!

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