Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How'd we do?

Last week was filled with greens, greens, and more greens! We thoroughly enjoyed all of them, and now my husband is on his way to pick up our new box. I am going to tackle a new technique tonight during dinner preparation - I'm a little nervous! I will be sure to document for the blog.

So how'd we do? Here is how all our veggies were consumed (or ... not consumed):

Asparagus, Green Garlic, & Tokyo Turnips (whew!) - They made a late but significant showing at dinner last night, in a polenta dish topped with herbed ricotta and sauteed veggies, with roasted asparagus and turnips on the side. Mmmmmm.

Arugula - One word: calzones.

Chard - I made one of my favorite Chinese recipes, complete with homemade crepes. Moo shu veggies!

Spinach - Made a lovely partner to a decadent and satisfying grilled cheese sandwich. Sauteed with olive oil, garlic, and balsamic vinegar.

Salad Mix - We ate a big salad which was unfortunately not featured on the blog this week. It contained the salad mix, carrots, red bell pepper, green onions, cranberries, cashews, feta, cubed mozzarella, and chickpeas. I made a quick vinaigrette with olive oil, balsamic, dijon mustard, and a dab of honey. Delicious! We ate the salad with Trader Joe's baked sweet potato fries. A quick and easy meal after a long day.

Sage - Poor sage. I forgot to use it! It was at the bottom of the crisper that held all the other various greens, so it was overlooked. Hopefully I can find a use for it in the next couple of days before I have to bid it farewell ... such a bummer too, because I absolutely LOVE sage!

Well, it was another fine week of thinking about and eating food! We had a few extra "I can't/don't want to cook right now" moments this week, leading us to a brewery for dinner (Hoppy Brewery on Folsom Blvd - I really wanted our East Sacramento fancy pizza joint, OneSpeed, but it was a 45 minute wait and it was already 8 pm) and the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op for lunch (I heart their salad bar!!! Tofu-based green goddess dressing = heaven).

Thanks for reading!

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