Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What's in the box?

This is going to be a FANTASTIC week! Why? Because I am hoping to make one of my favorite spring recipes (look for it this weekend!), and because we are going to embrace beauty and nature and liven up our front flowerbed with our first major gardening project this weekend! I will definitely report back on the progress.

So here's what we will be savoring along the way this week:

Fava Beans!!!!!!!!*
Green Garlic
Mixed Chard
Karanata Kale
Salad Mix
Tokyo Turnips

* Fava beans are ... one of my absolute favorites! Their season is fleeting. They arrive during mid-spring and stick around for a couple of weeks, tops. I think their rarity makes them more precious to me. Certainly, something about them causes me to suffer through the multiple shelling/peeling steps. First, you must remove their outer casing. Then, after a quick blanch, you slice each of the green skins and pop each individual bean out. A huge pile of fava beans in their original form will yield only a small cup of shelled beans. But they are tender and buttery and simply divine!

Here's another week of Tokyo turnips - these are a bit plumper than last week's bunch and would be tasty roasted, as we ate them last night:

And another type of kale!! It looks similar to the Red Russian Kale (oak leaf-like silhouette), but it's identified as "Karanata Kale" by the farm. I will need to do a little digging and see what the difference is.
A lovely stem trio:
The yellow is the chard and the red is the kale. The white bulbs are green garlic.

Now it's time to get cooking! Dinner is calling my name.

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