Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What's in the box?

Here's what we have to look forward to this week:

Green Garlic
Salad Mix
Tokyo Turnips

Yes, it's the return of the actual box! The box comes home with us when we forget to bring our bag with us.

Here's the green garlic:

I really love the flavor of the green garlic! Very light, perfect for spring. We got a recipe in our CSA newsletter this week for garlic bread, using the green garlic. It sounds divine! We might have to try it.

These are the tokyo turnips:
They look really tasty! I think I might roast them? I forgot that turnips and radishes aren't the same thing. These are petite - they look almost like large, albino radishes.

And here's the sage - how fabulous! The flowers are so pretty. This was such a neat addition to the box because we've been planning what to do with the flowerbeds in our yard, and I am very attracted to all the different types of sage, with their lovely purple flowers. Maybe it's a sign?

Lots of greens this week! Arugula, spinach, salad mix. Interestingly, I actually find myself craving healthy food more often now. It could be the convergence of adding more vegetables to our diet (more consistently) with my stepped-up running routine. But whatever it is, I'm happy about the change. I definitely wasn't on a garbage diet before we started the CSA, but we ate out more frequently, and when we did it was just as often Dos Coyotes (good, but it shouldn't be a weekly habit!) as it was Jack's (big salads!).

I saw flowers for sale at our local food co-op today - and they were from our farm, Full Belly Farm! I felt a little burst of pride. We have to make our way out there at some point to acquaint ourselves with the farm.

Here's to a delicious and nutritious week!

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