Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How'd we do?

This was a very productive and adventurous week.  In conquered a new cooking technique (yeast bread!), and we ate like a king and a queen.  Spring has just been so plentiful!  Last Wednesday seems so long ago now...

* Asparagus & Spring Onions - Asparagus Gnocchi - a rich and tasty dish with butter, goat cheese, and veggies galore!  Easy for a weeknight.

* Fava Beans - in a puree for a rich-tasting and unique appetizer.  

* French Breakfast Radishes - I didn't get any pictures, but the best use of the radishes this week was a take on the buttered toast approach (toast + radish + butter + salt; the French way of eating them).  I toasted a poppyseed bagel and slathered both sides with light cream cheese.  Then I added thin slices of the radishes cut lengthwise, plus freshly ground pepper.  Divine!  We also at the radishes in salad and in the wraps seen above in the fava puree link.

* Strawberries - snacks!

* Lettuce - As the base of a big salad and lining the inside of the wraps.

Lovely week! If you make only one recipe, let it be collard green rolls.  Oh, wait - run, don't walk, into your kitchen to make the incredible Braided Lemon Bread.  No box ingredients but 100% delicious.

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