Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How'd we do?

Erm.  Well.  How did we do?

Food-wise, this week was fabulous.  Blog-wise, not so much.  I fell behind on posting about our lovely meals, and I frantically tried to play catch-up to showcase some of the best of our meals this week.  Unfortunately, you never got to see this:

It melds two amazing broccoli treatments into one dish.  The pesto is broccoli- and almond-based, and I tossed roasted brocc on top for some savory measure.  Fabulous.  Check out the base recipe here, but know that I added a few things; I roasted the broccoli, and I added vegetable lovelies like French breakfast radishes and carrots to beef (ahem) the dish up.  (To anti-beef?)  I also omitted the avocado because I am one of those rare vegetarians who can't stand the thing.  (What is it anyway?  Alien fodder?)

You also missed out on this:

It's a green coconut curry with golden pan-fried tofu, roasted broccoli on the side (yes, I am obsessed).  We ate this last night over brown basmati rice, and it hit the spot.  It was mild and comforting.  The leftovers made a creamy and delicious lunch.  I used a recipe from my new Deborah Madison cookbook, "Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone."  It relied on (gasp) bottled curry paste!  And you know what?  That bottled green curry paste is pretty awesome (I used Thai Kitchen brand, available pretty much everywhere).  The ingredients list is short and easy to pronounce.  The paste is sweet and tangy and a bit spicy.  And I had dinner on the (coffee) table in 45 minutes flat, in time to tune in to the (painfully long) Biggest Loser finale!  (Go Michael!!!)

So without further ado, here's the narrative about how I used up all the goodies from our box:

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