Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Two quick meals - spinach & smoothies.

I wanted to share two quick meals that we enjoyed this week.  These are meals that you can whip up in no time - both have their naughty & nice components, but who doesn't enjoy a little bad with their good?  The juxtaposition keeps things interesting.

First up, for a weeknight dinner, an old favorite: sauteed spinach and grilled cheese.

You can check out the details of how to prepare the simple and delicious spinach dish here.  And my secret for delectable grilled cheese?  I like a thin layer of Miracle Whip on one side of the bread to enhance the creaminess.  Shhh.  Don't tell my arteries!

 Then, for a revitalizing lunch on Saturday, to power us through an afternoon of shopping (nursery - the plant kind; trek to Roseville for some gifts and furniture browsing), we had fruit smoothies. 

Our smoothies contained some of the fresh strawberries from our box, plus frozen fruit (including cranberries from the last holiday season), a banana, yogurt, honey, orange juice, and a couple splashes of vanilla soy milk. 

The naughty factor came in the form of sweet potato fries from Trader Joe's.  They are a fabulous vehicle for organic ketchup!

Simple, quick, and satisfying - these are two easy meals that brought a smile to my face this week.

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